Introducing Flipturn Connect: cross-system visibility for fleet EV and charger operations

Katie Siegel

February 8, 2024
April 26, 2023

Fleet electrification is happening now: this year, fleets are starting to adopt electric vehicles (EVs) at scale, a shift that is being accelerated by legislation, cost savings, and ambitious decarbonization goals. 

Through working closely with fleet managers at industry-leading EV fleets, we've seen that operating EVs efficiently requires monitoring a variety of factors – range, efficiency, charging, electricity costs, and more. This data comes from several disconnected systems, making it hard for fleets to gather information, make decisions quickly, and avoid problems.

Today, we’re announcing Flipturn Connect: a unified platform that provides cross-system visibility into fleet EV and charger operations. Flipturn Connect helps fleets manage their EVs, chargers, and more, all in a single dashboard, enabling operational decisions to be made faster and with all of the necessary data in one place. 

“The data you’re providing us will be critical to manage our day in real-time, along with assisting our team in the more efficient operation of our new BEV vehicles. Flipturn lets us manage our whole operation in one place along with providing us great KPI data to reduce costs while improving operations…that will be huge compared to when we started this journey.”

-Brad Bayne, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at 4 Gen Logistics

With Flipturn Connect, fleets can lower their EV cost per mile in a few key ways:

  1. Spot problems quickly through a real-time monitoring dashboard. Instantly identify vehicles that are at risk of running out of charge or chargers that are not operating as planned. Identify if EVs will have enough range to complete certain routes and which chargers are available.
  2. Save thousands on utility bills. Automatically select optimal charging times and power levels, avoiding demand charges and peak rates while ensuring that your vehicles are ready to go when needed.
  3. Improve driving efficiency. Analyze kWh per mile across your drivers, vehicles, and trips. Coach your drivers on ways to increase efficiency using historical data and insights, and identify other ways to decrease energy usage.
  4. Maximize vehicle utilization. Complete more trips with fewer EVs by better understanding vehicle range and route energy needs.

To learn more about Flipturn Connect’s capabilities, read on.

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A real-time dashboard at the center of all your fleet systems

Flipturn’s powerful suite of integrations spans telematics solutions, charging management providers, OCPP, and more, allowing Flipturn Connect to combine real-time information from many fleet systems in one place. As a fleet, you may adopt multiple charging solutions and vehicle models from separate providers; Flipturn helps you monitor and manage operations across them all. 

Fleet operators can use Flipturn Connect’s dashboard to identify EVs and drivers that need immediate attention and rerouting. View which chargers are available and when vehicles will be done charging, and use this visibility to route vehicles to the optimal charger without impacting the plan for other EVs.

Automatic charge scheduling to minimize energy costs

Charging your vehicles at the wrong time of the day or without controls on peak power demand can cost your fleet thousands of dollars or more in unnecessary electricity costs. Flipturn Connect lets you focus on managing your drivers and vehicles, and automatically takes care of scheduling charging with utility rate schedules in mind. 

Through granular reports that capture energy data by the minute, Flipturn also gives you the visibility you need to monitor your day-to-day charging patterns and understand energy costs per mile and per charging session. With this data, you can identify even more ways to improve your operations and save money on electricity.

Analytics to improve driving efficiency

EV cost per mile is directly tied to your fleet’s business and bottom line. Connect’s reports provide the insights you need to understand if your drivers are applying best practices when operating EVs. Access granular data about regenerative braking, auxiliary energy consumption, speed, and other factors that impact EV efficiency. Use this data to more effectively coach drivers and identify other adjustments to reduce kWh per mile.

Insights into vehicle range and energy consumption

Range anxiety is one of the biggest issues impacting the return on investment (ROI) of electric vehicles. When drivers are new to EVs, it’s easy to accidentally overestimate range and underestimate the hassle of finding an available charging station. Running out of charge mid-route means downtime and high tow fees. As a result, we’ve seen that fleets avoid this by running EVs conservatively, often needing more than one EV to cover the workload of a single diesel truck, increasing capital costs and limiting the per-mile operating cost savings that come with EVs.

Reliably predicting range requires data on payload weight, driving behavior, temperature, vehicle model(s) used, terrain, traffic conditions, and more. The best way to project energy consumption on a route is by looking at the historical energy consumption of your EVs on that route. Flipturn gives you the visibility you need to identify whether you can run your vehicles for more trips, or whether they should spend some time charging first. Over time, Flipturn can help you unlock additional miles from your EVs, allowing your fleet to improve its operational efficiency and increase ROI.

A single system for you to get the most out of your fleet

Flipturn Connect is the first EV-focused fleet operations system combining data and insights across all of a fleet’s vehicles, chargers, and more. Connect enables you to smoothly adopt EVs at scale, while ensuring you have the visibility you need, all in one place. Spot problems quickly with a real-time dashboard, while also analyzing and lowering costs over time through detailed reports on driver efficiency, vehicle performance, utility costs, and more.

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