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The fastest-moving EV charging
management platform for fleets

Save on charging costs

Advanced dynamic power management caps electricity costs while ensuring vehicles are ready on time.

Ensure charger uptime

Real-time alerts, detailed diagnostics, and charger health reporting to ensure issues are addressed quickly.

Built for fleet needs

Combine charger data with vehicle telematics for real-time visibility and detailed reporting.

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“Flipturn’s charging operations platform helps our team provide a fast, reliable, and easy charging experience to our customers, as well as saving us a lot of time on internal reporting and billing processes. Flipturn's iteration speed and support made working with them an easy choice.”

Rick Eckert, VP of Operations at Zeem Solutions

Enhanced by AI

Flipturn includes the most advanced technology to enhance your operations.
Automatic detection of the operational impact of charger errors.
Dynamic power management based on detection of vehicle and port power usage.
Self-healing charger data reports accurate session timing and energy usage.
Smart charging time estimates based on learning historical charging curves.

Feature highlights

Charging schedules

Sync charger management with route schedules to avoid delays, and get notified when charging is off track.

Charger diagnostics

Understand the uptime and connectivity health of your chargers. Quickly resolve issues with detailed diagnostics tools.

Real-time alerting

Keep uptime high with text and email alerts for when vehicles have low battery or there are problems with charging.

Dynamic power management

Balance utility savings, site power limits and vehicle-specific readiness with power management customizable to your needs

Unified dashboard for chargers and vehicles

Monitor the status of all your chargers and vehicles in real time. Be notified about charger failures and track whether vehicles will be on track for a timely departure.

Customer stories

Use cases

  • Flipturn’s charger management is easy to use and ensures EVs are charged for their next shift while minimizing utility costs.
  • Improve dispatching with range prediction based on real routes and conditions.
  • Optimize fleet efficiency and coach drivers with detailed reporting on cost per mile, kWh/mi, regenerative braking, and more.
Charging as a service
  • Flipturn remotely detects when chargers break and sends alerts for timely servicing.
  • Monitor charging across all sites in real-time. Quickly spot when vehicles are done charging through an easy-to-scan dashboard.
  • Charging sessions are tagged with usage and vehicle information for automated billing and accounting.

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