Feature highlight: Charger health report

Max Alway-Townsend

June 5, 2024
June 5, 2024

For fleets, vehicle and equipment uptime is the #1 priority. If a charger is down or performing poorly, that might result in a vehicle not being charged and ready to go on time.

At Flipturn, we help fleets identify issues with their chargers, before they impact operations. That’s why we built the Charger Health Report to provide fleet managers with actionable insights on their chargers' health and performance.

KPIs to capture charger health

Measuring the reliability of EV chargers is more complex than simply recording when the charger reports a Faulted status. For example, a charger can fail to initiate charging, but still report an Available status. Or, a charger can be disconnected from the internet, but still successfully initiate charging.

Flipturn’s Charger Health Report provides a holistic picture of your EV charger health with a few different KPIs:

  • Uptime: The percentage of time a charger reports that it is operable, meaning that it is either in use or able to be used. Low uptime means that the charger is actively unhealthy and is likely unable to be used. This previous Flipturn blog post covers the nuances of measuring charger uptime in more detail.
  • Connectivity: The percentage of time a charger is connected to the internet. Poor connectivity can indicate an issue with charging hardware or slow down dynamic charger power management adjustments.
  • Utilization: The percentage of time that a charger is used for charging. Little to no utilization could indicate a physical problem with the charger; for example, on-site personnel are avoiding the charger due to physical damage to the cable that is not reported by the charger software.
  • Total charging sessions: The total number of charging sessions across all chargers.
  • Charging session error rate: The percentage of charging sessions that ended prematurely due to an error. For fleets, this may be the most important KPI, since when charging sessions end early, vehicles are left at a low state of charge. If not corrected, the vehicle may not be able to depart in the morning for its next route.

The Charger Health Report allows filtering data by site and date range, so users can view how overall charger health shifts from week to week or differs between sites.

View and sort KPIs per charger to identify underperforming chargers

Fliptun’s Charger Health Report lets you easily spot underperforming chargers. When certain charger health KPIs are unhealthy, they are highlighted in yellow or red, depending on severity. The report can be sorted on any column, letting you inspect which chargers have the worst uptime, connectivity, utilization, or error rate. 

If a charger appears unhealthy, Flipturn provides tools for digging into the specific errors being sent by the charger, as well as some OEM-provided diagnostics information, to make troubleshooting easier and speed charger maintenance. We’re also able to work closely with your maintenance provider to make sure that they have access to the data they need to resolve any on-site issues quickly. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Flipturn helps keep charger uptime high, or how we collaborate with our O&M partners, please reach out!