Zeem Solutions selects Flipturn as its charging management software provider

Katie Siegel

May 3, 2024
March 19, 2024

Today Flipturn, the unified control system for EV fleet and charger operations, announces a new partnership with Zeem Solutions, a leading EV charging infrastructure and fleet management provider that builds and operates charging depots in key locations. Zeem Solutions will utilize Flipturn’s software platform to efficiently scale charging operations to many depots across the country and provide a best-in-class charging experience on each site. 

Rick Eckert, VP of Operations at Zeem Solutions, says, “Flipturn’s charging operations platform helps our team provide a fast, reliable, and easy charging experience to our customers, as well as saving us a lot of time on internal reporting and billing processes. Flipturn's iteration speed and support made working with them an easy choice, especially given Zeem’s ambitious plans to expand nation-wide.” 

Zeem will use Flipturn’s charging session reporting and workflow automation tools to smoothly, reliably, and efficiently operate its large-scale charging depots, serving hundreds of drivers daily. Flipturn’s charger diagnostics and alerting capabilities will keep charger uptime high, allowing Zeem’s sites to operate at maximum capacity. 

Through Flipturn, Zeem can also provide its customers detailed insight into energy usage and the environmental impact of their EV operations, which will help them fulfill ESG commitments and comply with government regulations. 

The Flipturn team visiting the Zeem Solutions site.

Katie Siegel, Flipturn’s CEO, conveyed her excitement in continuing to work closely with Zeem Solutions over the coming years: “Zeem is making enormous strides in bringing much-needed charging infrastructure to fleets. We look forward to helping Zeem deliver reliable charging at scale, all over the country.” 

About Flipturn 

Flipturn is a leading charging management solution for fleets and charging depots. Flipturn provides a comprehensive solution that minimizes utility costs with energy management, improves charger uptime and issue resolution speed, and provides powerful cost per mile and range insights for fleet EVs. 

About Zeem  

Zeem is a major national EV fleet and charging as a service provider, offering everything commercial fleets need to transition to the zero-emission future, including electric vehicle leases, charging, maintenance, and parking.