Flipturn’s new charging dashboard: redesigned for large charging depots

Vineet Shah

February 26, 2024
February 13, 2024

Flipturn is used to monitor charging sites of varying sizes, from small charging hubs to large-scale depots of over 60 charging ports. Regardless of the number of chargers at a single site, our customers want to be able to monitor entire sites at a glance, all in a single dashboard.

As a result, we’ve redesigned our main charging dashboard. Fleet managers, depot operators, and others can now scan important information across all of their chargers at once. They can instantly spot any issues that need attention, vehicles that are done charging, estimated time until charging is completed, and more.

Flipturn’s new charging dashboard

Here is an example dashboard for a demo site with 25 charging ports. 

You can click on any of these charging ports to see more details such as any recent charger errors which may affect your operations. There is also an option to override the charging speed, if a vehicle is needed sooner than expected. 

Over 60 charging ports in a single view

Additionally, we've introduced a full-screen mode which will hide the top bar and fit more ports on the screen. This view is great for setting this up on  a TV in a driver lounge or depot office to keep an eye on all of your chargers, as many of our users do.

About Flipturn

Flipturn is a leading charging management solution for fleets. Flipturn provides a comprehensive fleet solution that minimizes your utility costs with energy management, improves uptime and issue resolution speed, and provides powerful cost per mile and range insights.