Flipturn joins Geotab Sustainability Alliance and Marketplace

Katie Siegel

February 8, 2024
November 27, 2023

We’re excited to announce that Flipturn, the unified control center for EV fleet and charger operations, has joined Geotab’s Sustainability Alliance and become a Geotab Marketplace partner

Flipturn’s integration with Geotab enables users to access key functionality for optimizing their EV and charging operations. While Flipturn is telematics agnostic and integrates with several other third party platforms, many current customers use Geotab due to its focus on providing industry-leading support for electric vehicles. 

“Today, we are excited to welcome Flipturn into our Sustainability Alliance,” said Eric Mallia, Vice President Sustainability Solutions at Geotab. “Flipturn connects detailed EV data from Geotab to charger and energy data to give fleets an advanced level of insight into their EV operations, uptime, and costs. Together, Flipturn and Geotab empower customers to access the data needed to optimize their EV and charger operations, all in one fully-integrated, comprehensive solution.” 

The Geotab Sustainability Alliance of over 25 solution and service providers is dedicated to creating cutting-edge solutions to help fleets operate efficiently and reduce their carbon footprint. Alliance partner solutions seamlessly integrate with Geotab to accelerate the efficiency gains and decarbonization efforts of fleets.

Read on to learn more about features in our platform that Geotab and Flipturn customers utilize today, right out of the box.

Advanced analytics spanning cost per mile, energy efficiency, and more

For mutual customers of Geotab and Flipturn that have agreed to the integration, Geotab will provide accurate and detailed vehicle energy data to Flipturn, helping power our fleet and vehicle efficiency reporting and analytics features. This data is also a critical component of measuring cost per mile, which requires three main inputs: vehicle energy consumption, charging session data, and utility rate information.

As seen below, Flipturn’s fleet efficiency analytics provide detailed insight into regenerative braking, kWh per mile, cost per mile, and more. These insights can be used to coach drivers on more efficiently operating EVs and can help fleet managers identify opportunities for greater cost savings on electricity.

Flipturn's vehicle efficiency report

Real-time visibility into state of charge

Flipturn can pull data from Geotab’s API in real time, allowing visibility into current and historical state of charge. Using historical data on each vehicle’s prior charging sessions, Flipturn is able to accurately predict the time at which the vehicle will reach 90% charged, giving fleet managers foresight into when each vehicle will be ready to go.

Flipturn's live map

Proactive alerts on low state of charge

Real-time state of charge data from Geotab can power Flipturn’s low state of charge alerts. Users can configure text or email alerts on state of charge through the Flipturn dashboard, alerting you when a vehicle is at risk of running out of range before it is able to reach a charger.

Flipturn's alerting features

Range estimation and historical range reporting

Using trip data from telematics platforms such as Geotab, Flipturn can accurately predict current vehicle range based on historical data. Moreover, Flipturn’s historical range reporting helps driver managers build an understanding of how range can vary by routes, loads, and more.

Flipturn's vehicle range report

Vehicle-based charger management

Flipturn’s vehicle-aware charger management automatically minimizes utility costs, while providing a user-friendly interface for setting site-wide constraints and prioritizing certain vehicles to charge. Historical vehicle data from Geotab can be one input into how Flipturn is able to predict how changes in vehicle charging priority will affect the estimated time to charging completion, as seen in the screenshot below. 

Adjusting vehicle charge priority in Flipturn


As a Geotab Marketplace Partner, Flipturn is excited to continue to work with Geotab’s team closely to support fleets in their adoption and deployment of EVs and EV chargers. 

Are you a Geotab user and interested in learning more? Contact hello@getflipturn.com or request a demo here