Feature highlight: LCFS reporting

Allison Tielking

March 27, 2024
March 27, 2024

The Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) is a crucial part of California's plan to tackle climate change. The program encourages the use of cleaner, greener fuels for transportation to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and reduce reliance on petroleum.

Here's how it works: the LCFS sets goals for how clean transportation fuels need to be. Fuels that are cleaner than these goals earn credits, while dirtier fuels get deficits. Electricity is considered a clean fuel, so companies can earn LCFS credits from EV charging.

To receive LCFS credits, companies must register their EV charging stations with the California Air  Resources Board (CARB) and submit a quarterly report through the CARB website. Flipturn enables our customers to easily comply with these LCFS reporting requirements, so that they can receive the maximum amount of LCFS revenue from their EV charging. 

Read on to learn more about Flipturn’s LCFS reporting feature.

LCFS Report

Since Flipturn records all necessary session, charger, and vehicle information, we auto-populate our downloadable LCFS report with all of the relevant information required by CARB, including vehicle type. 

Users can then export all of their quarterly charging sessions to CSV with one click: 

If any information is missing about the chargers, Flipturn presents a helpful message to direct users to input the required fields:

Flipturn is also compliant with CARB’s data accuracy requirements. Specifically, for charging sessions that go across multiple days, only the energy within the time range will be included:

While CARB only requires submitting aggregated energy usage per charger, per quarter, organizations can often get more LCFS credits with per-session reporting, which Flipturn facilitates.


The LCFS program is especially popular in California, but there are also similar programs that have been recently implemented in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. If you’re interested in automating your LCFS reporting processes, or if you’re involved in any of these other credit programs, please reach out for a demo!

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