Feature highlight: Identifying the impact of charger errors

Vineet Shah

April 30, 2024
April 30, 2024

Flipturn is used to monitor charging sites of varying sizes, from small charging hubs to large-scale depots of over 60 charging ports. For all of our customers, uptime is the most important concern: our customers depend on our platform to ensure that their charging operations proceed smoothly with minimal downtime. 

We offer automated alerts and notifications for any errors reported from EV chargers. Without intelligent filtering, these errors can often be noisy. From working closely with our customers, we found that while visibility into all errors is critical, some users only wanted to be proactively notified about errors that impacted charging. 

Flipturn offers several AI-powered features that help users identify the impact of charger errors. For example, Flipturn automatically adds relevant context to errors that impact charging, sorting them into one of two categories:

  1. Errors that stopped charging prematurely
  2. Errors that prevented charging from starting

Through the platform, users can choose to filter out errors that don’t impact charging from the alerts that they receive. Since errors that stop charging prematurely are often the most impactful to operations, some users choose to set up text message alerts for only this category of error.

Errors that stopped charging prematurely

Imagine a fleet operator is expecting a vehicle to be fully charged by a specific time. Should any issues arise during the charging process, they would want to know of the issue and resolve it quickly. 

If a charger error disrupts a charging session, Flipturn fires a real-time alert, promptly informing customers of the critical error and its impact on the vehicle's charging status. This error notification will be surfaced in all relevant parts of the platform: across the live dashboard, charger error log, charging session history, and more.

As seen in the screenshot below, Flipturn also works directly with OEMs to import additional context around alerts. In addition to presenting the raw vendor error code, Flipturn can share OEM-provided guidance on issue severity and possible next steps.

Errors that prevented charging from starting

Consider a scenario where a fleet operator connects a vehicle to a charger to try to initiate charging. Before double checking to see if charging successfully started, the operator then attends to another vehicle. 

In some cases, the charger will fail to start a session and report an error instead. Flipturn will automatically detect this and send an alert informing customers that the vehicle failed to start charging. This error notification will again be displayed across all relevant areas of the platform.

Flipturn's ongoing commitment to reliability

At Flipturn, we understand that uptime is the #1 priority. As a result, we continue to invest heavily in features to help quickly identify, monitor, understand, and resolve charger issues. We also put a heavy emphasis on the user experience, since surfacing information about charger health in an intuitive and easy-to-understand way helps our customers streamline their charging operations. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Flipturn’s extensive charger reliability feature set, or collaborating with us as an O&M provider, please reach out!

About Flipturn 

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