Case Study: Sway Mobility

May 3, 2024
April 4, 2024

Sway Mobility is a 100% electric car share company based in Ohio, with an incredible mission to make electric mobility more accessible to the general public.

Sway Mobility has been using Flipturn as their charging management software provider for almost a year. We interviewed Michael Peters, CEO of Sway Mobility, about his experience with Flipturn and how Flipturn helps his team improve the visibility, efficiency, and reliability of their charging operations. 

Why did you choose Flipturn as your charging management software provider?

Michael: We chose Flipturn as our charging management software provider because it gave us greater visibility and insight into our fleet operations. For a car share program, it’s important to have as high a state of charge as possible for every driver. When you have multiple drivers in a day, it's difficult to keep tabs on every vehicle and the state of charge. 

Using Flipturn not only allows us to have insight into the operation of the charger, but through vehicle telematics, also allows us to get a fuller picture of what's going on with our fleet.

Above: A Sway Mobility rideshare vehicle charging at a Flipturn CMS-powered charger.

What were the challenges you were dealing with before choosing Flipturn?

Michael: The challenges we were facing before choosing Flipturn had a lot to do with the consistency of the data we were getting from our prior provider as well as the value of that data.

Most of the charging software providers are really focused on the consumer market and dealing directly with drivers as opposed to fleet operators. So effectively, we were paying for a lot of features that we didn't need or want, but at the same time, we were lacking features that were really important and impactful to us as a fleet operator.

Describe how the Sway Mobility team utilizes Flipturn on a day to day basis today.

Michael: Flipturn has quickly become one of our go-to operating systems. At the start of the day, Flipturn is one of the first things we check, because we can so easily see the condition and state of every charger, as well as the condition and state of every vehicle. 

With an easy-to-use interface and comprehensive map, we're able to quickly scan to determine if there are issues and then can dig more deeply using the detailed insights that Flipturn provides us. We can then determine what is happening and why so it can be quickly resolved.

What are the main points of value that you get out of Flipturn?

Michael: There are several points of value that we get from Flipturn, and the first one that immediately comes to mind is the alerts. Getting alerts either when a charger is down or when a vehicle drops below a certain state of charge is critical for us to be proactive in providing our clients with the best customer service, instead of relying on our operations personnel to constantly be monitoring the state of charge of the fleet. 

The proactive alerts allow us to go in and resolve the issue, for example, by swapping vehicles for a client who has an upcoming booking. Otherwise, the client will either cancel the booking, which means lost revenue, or will be frustrated that they’re getting a vehicle with a low state of charge. 

Would you recommend Flipturn to others, and why?

Michael: Without a question, we would recommend Flipturn to others based on the comprehensive package of features, the ability to dive deeply into the details, and the functionality that we don't get anywhere else. Flipturn allows us to more effectively operate our fleet and sets us up to scale without having to invest in additional resources.

About Flipturn 

Flipturn is a leading charging management solution for fleets and charging depots. Flipturn provides a comprehensive solution that minimizes utility costs with energy management, improves charger uptime and issue resolution speed, and provides powerful cost per mile and range insights for EV operations.