Feature release: open access to OCPP logs

Nikhil Narayen

February 8, 2024
February 8, 2024

At Flipturn, we often work with EV charging veterans with years of experience in the industry. While many of our users prefer a graphical display showing the most important charger status and health information, some of our more technical users asked to be able to dive into the raw logs that we receive from chargers via OCPP.

What is OCPP?

OCPP is a protocol that allows for two way communication between a charge point and a software management system, i.e. Flipturn. OCPP allows Flipturn to connect to any charger, agnostic of hardware vendor, to send and receive information about charging sessions, energy throughput, and errors. 

When charge points experience errors, they report the error codes and details via OCPP. While Flipturn surfaces error messages through alerts and charger statuses, more technical users may also want unrestricted access to the OCPP message log to analyze the underlying issue and resolve it remotely. 

Open access to OCPP logs

With Flipturn’s OCPP message log interface, users can drill down into the details and easily find raw vendor error codes. 

While Flipturn has extracted the critical pieces from each message into a more consumable view, customers also have the ability to see the raw payload if they choose. 

Download via CSV or JSON

As always, Flipturn allows customers to export critical data out of our platform. Users can export OCPP logs via CSV or as a JSON file. Often, operations and maintenance (O&M) providers ask for the raw OCPP logs first, to see if they can remotely and quickly resolve a charger issue, before traveling on site to fix a charger. Flipturn empowers our users to export logs quickly, which speeds up issue resolution and maximizes charger uptime.

View current charger configuration

Flipturn also offers users full visibility into all OCPP charger configuration fields, which can also help with remote maintenance and troubleshooting.

About Flipturn

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